The Trait Theory : Theoretical Approaches To Leadership

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Three main theoretical approaches that explain leadership

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Samar Alsulaimani \ 20144994
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Fahad Alkiyumi \ 20155936
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Dr. Anna Stalinska
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Date of Submission: Nov 6, 2016

The goal of this report to introduce three main theoretical approaches that explain leadership. This goal we be achieved by providing a proper definition, explanation, and examples of those three approaches. We used primary and secondary sources to collect information for this report. The report will explain three main theoretical approaches that explain leadership which are the trait approach, the behavioral approach, contingency theories, and will conclude with summary of the theoretical approaches.
The three main theoretical approaches that explain leadership:
1\ Trait Theory:.
Prior to discussing the trait theory of leadership, it is of great importance to have a better understanding of the concept of leadership. Essentially, the term leadership is used to refer to the ability to influence a particular group of people, be it students, teachers, engineers, etc., toward the achievement of the goals set by those people.
With regard to the leadership trait theory, it was proposed in the attempt to understand and provide some explanations as to why some people make successful leaders while others fail to do so. This theory assumes that some
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