The Traits of Mark Anthony

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Mark Antony has been portrayed as a loyal friend, a hero, an adulterer, and a drug addict. That represents a wide range of attributes for a single man to inherit. Did Mark Antony really possess all of these traits? Mark Antony was a much simpler man than his portrayal. Mark Antony embodied a stereotypical jock. Brutus stated Antony’s propensity “to sports, to wildness and much company” (II.i.196). Mark Antony participated in the race of Lupercal, an equestrian race in which athletes participated during a Roman festival. “Wildness” could have alluded to Antony’s gambling habits, and “much company” could reference Antony’s inability to confine himself to one woman (II.i.196). In spite of Antony’s faithlessness toward his wife, he held extreme loyalty to Caesar. Antony became very emotional about the death of Caesar. He strove to create the illusion of friendship with Caesar’s murderers in order to make them feel comfortable; Antony wanted them to let their guard down so it would be easier to help Caesar’s spirit, which was “ranging for revenge” (III.i.285). He spoke to them as if he sympathized with their cause and strived to make them feel comfortable. However, they fled the city while he conveyed his speech to the plebeians at Caesar’s funeral. Antony exhibited popularity in Rome, so the plebeians respected his opinion. The funeral speech convinced the plebeians of his cause and allowed him to set his plan in motion. After the funeral, he did everything
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