The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

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The Trans-Atlantic slave occurred during the early sixteenth century and lasted until the beginning of the all the way to nineteenth century. It was during this time when the beginning of the Black Diaspora would begin to manifest itself with the exportation of millions of the African populace to the Americas. These African people were forced and taken from their respective countries in a horrific manner. The result, these people became the slaves of newly forming colonies in North America. The trek across the Atlantic Ocean, alone, is considered to be one of the most inhumane acts committed by the slave traders during the Diaspora. Upon boarding a slave ship a captive would be stripped naked and examined head to toe by the captain or surgeon, adding to the physical and mental abuse that they had already endured. Conditions in the slave ships were anything but comfortable and healthy. Most slaves were creamed into their designated spaces like loaves of bread on a shelf, with an average of six to seven square feet and rarely more than two or three feet of headspace. Men slaves were generally shackled two by two by two, making movement extremely difficult, and smell groups were strung together by a longer chain to take them to the upper deck for meals and Fresh air. Sick slaves were sometimes released from their chains, but if there was a more serious problem barber/surgeons were used. The usage of barbers-surgeons indicates that bleeding was still used, a practice that
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