The Transactional Theory Of Reading Essay

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1. The transactional theory of reading is the foundation of how students read, and interpret information they are being given. Probst (1987) stated, "Transactional theory thus places a great deal of emphasis on the role of the reader" (Transactional Theory in the Teaching of Literature). It is important to remember students will enter a classroom with some sort of background knowledge. A students ' background knowledge will not only have shaped them as an individual but also their learning style and how they perceive new information; we call this schema. According to Canney & Winograd (1979), "A schema indicates the typical relations among its component parts; comprehending a thing, event, or relationship occurs when a sufficient number of slots in a schema are filled, or "instantiated" with particular examples of events" (p. 2) In other words, all students will have a different schema. Teachers who recognize this will be able to better adapt lesson plans to fit the need of their students. Aside from teaching, a big part of a teachers’ job is learning about student’s characteristics and needs. The National Acadamies Press (1997) said the following: Getting to know students and getting to know about them are important pre-requisites for effective teaching, especially since it is becoming increasingly likely that today 's students will differ more in their demographics, preparations, attitudes, and interests... (p.55). There are several advantages teachers who take the time…
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