The Transatlantic Slave Trade Between West Africa And North America

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Despite the limitations imposed by slavery, Africans and their descendants made substantial contributions to American culture in agriculture, cuisine, food culture and language. As for Cultural integration, such actions occurred during the transatlantic slave trade between West Africans and Central Africans and the European Americans was a forced interaction that cannot be reversed. The transatlantic slave trade in 1889, established a permanent link between Africa and North America as Africans sold into slavery transplanted their cultures to the New World. Many assume that because Africans integrated into American society, they completely assimilated into that culture, but such assumptions are false. It is imperative to note that integration does not necessitate a total abandonment of one’s culture or complete assimilation into a different culture, but rather, integration embraces modification of one’s culture along with adoption of the practices of the new culture of which one is integrating into. The African slaves integrated many things and ideas from their cultures, such as food culture, agricultural style, and language like I spoke about earlier.
One important contribution I reflect on is the power and significance of language. Language can be defined as the methods of communication, either spoken or written. This is how the cultural interaction comes into play. In James Baldwin “If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” he implies that different…
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