The Transatlantic Slave Trade, The Most Honourable King George IIi Of Britain

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To your royal highness, the most honourable King George III of Britain, I am writing to you to inform you of the great success and benefit that slavery has to our great and rich nation. Britain has been a great beneficiary of the transatlantic slave trades lucrative process and labour. As you probably are already aware, the triangular trade, as we noble gent call it, started in the mid-fifteenth century due to when the Portuguese gained interest in Africa for reasons other than its legendary supply of gold, to a more profitable and attainable commodity; slaves. Now before I begin to regale you with the tantalising tales of the transatlantic slave trade, I shall inform you of how it has successfully been working for the past months. Due to our highly intelligent and superior nature, we employ the triangular trade as our very efficacious programme. The transatlantic slave trade is composed of three distinct stages. It involves three great continents and establishes a wonderful sense of unity and harmony, as we are all benefitting from this affluent commercial and economic enterprise. Hence, it could even be referenced in later history that this was the first system of globalization, which is a righteous and virtuous mention. The first phase of this glorious route involves taking factory-made merchandises from Western Europe to Africa. These comprise of cloth, spirit, tobacco, beads, cowrie shells, metal goods, and also guns. These merchandises are then traded for African
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