The Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership

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Nancy, Sylvia, Flora and Tony
6.2 Group assignment

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a bilateral free trade agreement between the United States and Europe, covering trade in services, government procurement, rules of origin, technical barriers to trade, agriculture, customs and trade facilitation. If it completed, it will cover the world one-second of GDP. Transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement is Europe and the United States launched trade preferential agreements, to create Europe and the United States FTA, the official is expected to make the EU GDP increased by 0.52%, but this data is a major controversy, so three rounds of negotiations failed to reach consensus.
There are some benefits of proposed TTIP. Firstly, it can bring more job to people. Based on the transatlantic trade and investment partnership build up. There increased the international trade, some of company will enhance their business. This can result in them investing more, so it can create more work to service more people. As the report from European Commission’s Impact they predict the good effect like If TTIP can set up, it forecast that TTIP could earn the Netherlands between €1.4 and €4.1 billion. Moreover, it is a big transform to small and medium company, also beneficial to new enterprises, due to the Netherland has a special position for these company which obtained from TTIP. Meaning that they work differently through the border and the
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