The Transatlantic Trade During The 1700s

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Whether you are referring to early Israel in the Bible, the transatlantic trade during the 1600s, modern times, slavery has found a way to rear its ugly head in one way or another. It would appear that a person being a chattel to another person, as Merriam-Webster defines slavery, has been around for practically an eternity. Not only has it been –and still is –present, but slavery has been worldwide. No matter what type of slavery –forced labor, debt labor, sex slavery, or child slavery- the topic has proven to be very controversial in history. For American history in particular, slavery is one reason the Civil War began in 1861. In addition to the Civil War, multiple court cases have risen from this culture of forced labor. Cases like…show more content…
One aspect that was not an uncertainty was the reason for Robert Newsom’s purchase of Celia. Newsom’s wife had died for nearly a year by the time of Celia’s purchase leaving him with his son Harry and his two daughters Virginia, the eldest of the two, and Mary. Virginia “had probably assumed the duties of mistress of the house upon her mother’s death”. With her “assuming the responsibilities”, “Newsom still lacked a wife” and a sexual partner (pg. 21). The sexual partner Newsom so longed for was Celia’s role as soon as Newsom purchased her. Celia was considered both property and concubine (pg. 22). In fact, upon arrival from Audrain County, Robert Newsom raped Celia (pg. 24). This act became an ongoing practice of Newsom. “Life for Celia would entail continual sexual exploitation by her master. (pg. 25)” As time went on, Celia grew closer and romantically involved with another slave named George (pg. 29). Aware of Celia’s predicament with Newsom, George grew jealous and insisted that Celia “break off her relationship with Newsom” (pg. 29). Because of George’s demands and Newsom’s frequent visits of sexual intercourse, Celia pleaded with Newsom to leave her alone or she would hurt her. Disregarding Celia’s request, Newsom simply replied by saying “he was coming to her cabin that night” (pg. 34). Staying true to his word, Newsom did go to Celia’s cabin where he was struck once when he approached Celia. A second blow was given when the man
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