The Transformation Dress By Sofia Targova10

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The closer you look, the less you see: An innovated modernist collection exclusive at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017 Netherlands - June 29, 2017 - The international fashion platform, Fashionclash Festival will take place in the Netherlands from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July 2017. Thanks to the creativity and hunger of young designers, this event is mainly focused on Fashion projects, artistic showcase work and many more aspects helping designers to take part in a greater network. The festival allows everyone the opportunity to participate, develop and discover new talents, inspirations and experiences. In addition, one of the many candidates this year, Sofia Targova will be demonstrating one of her artistic…show more content…
By introducing a modern approach to fashion collaborating technological innovation ideas with a historical sense of a classical garment I aimed to manifest the core fundamental of Modernism in the fashion industry.’ The core reason to take part in the Fashionclash Festival 2017 is to reflect on the implementation of how for example, Kandinsky’s resemblance to visual reality pushed humankind to evolve in such abstract approach. After all, all designers to be the guardians of civilization and more importantly our attitude towards everyday fashion must emphasize the development of functionality. Build in tech materials, smart textiles, digital printing and much more is perhaps the new modern ‘Everyday’ fashion trend and ‘The Transformation Dress’ is a prime example of taking a risk and approaching the unknown. I believe this is the next step forward to a much elevated fashion industry and creative mindset. We cannot develop without technology, therefore if we truly keep expanding our knowledge we are closer to reaching a higher form of intelligence in a fashion sense. How festive is Fashion nowadays and how new rising starts approach the industry Fashion - a statement which expresses identity, style and self-perception. It is known to be one of the most influential and transforming industries in society. The proximity between fashion and technology in a wearable sense has become almost

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