The Transformation Of Bacteria ( Green Fluorescent Protein )

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Transformation in bacteria is something that could be essential for survival in a bacteria. In order to perform this transformation naturally a bacterium must considered competent, otherwise it must undergo an artificial transformation. Being a competent cell means that the bacteria can take up DNA from its environment naturally (5). Those that are not competent such as Escherichia coli that are not naturally competent can be tested with an artificial transformation, such as what we will use in this experiment. Methods used can obtain things such as chemical mutagens or radiation (1). The gene used for the transfer is the GFP gene (Green Fluorescent Protein), which gives an illuminating appearance under a UV light when conducted properly,…show more content…
Experiments introduce the idea that the uptake of DNA by competent bacteria can be the result for survival reasons such as need for food or evolution purposes (5). The difference between natural and artificial gene transformation in a bacteria, however, with those who are incompetent versus competent allow he or she to conduct an experiment with artificial transformation. By doing this one may be able to determine and observe the formation of biofilms or mutations by transferring a gene to another organism for beneficial or harmful purpose. This could lead to finding resistants or if a gene introduced has any effect on the bacteria. In the experiment, the pGLO plasmid contained encodes the gene for GFP as well as a gene for resistance to an antibiotic allowing a transformation to take place when adding a carbohydrate such as arabinose to the medium. Research has been found on the horizontal gene transfer on how virulence factors are acquired as well as genes resistant to antibiotics spread with microorganisms (5). By conducting a similar experiment he or she can observe similar findings or observe the results and conduct some sort of understanding of these ideas. The findings in this experiment are to show a positive result in what causes growth and the glowing when the plasmid pGLO is added to the positive as well as the difference in the medium. Understanding the way artificial
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