The Transformation Of The Multinational Corporation

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INTRODUCTION Globalization can be define as a process where regional economies, societies and cultures have become integrated through a globe-planning network of communication and trade. In my own point of view, management has stimulated the entire affair of modern business and trade. · The Multinational Corporation Management as greatly influence the affairs of multinational corporation in sense that people come to gether to do business thereby there is always a high spirit of corporation through buying, selling, exchange of foreign currencies e.g. the exchange from US Dollarto Euro or Japanese Yan etc. Moreover, the multinational corporation has lead to the whole effort making the global community as one village. that means to say; goods that are found in one one country can now be found or seen in many countries. All these is due to mass advertisement, communication, transportation. · Culture shock experienced by managers who work abroad v Strain due to the effort required to make the necessary psychological adaptations. Of having to listen more carefully, watch more intently, react more slowly. It is about being more self-aware and having to learn a whole new behavioural repertoire. v A sense of loss and feelings of deprivation in regard to friends, status, profession and possessions. Sometimes one’s status goes up but the loss of the familiar, the friendly ear, the people to shoot the breeze with can count for a lot when one is tired and

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