The Transformation of Frankenstein into Modern Science

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The transformation of Frankenstein into modern science Mary Shelly is the author of Frankenstein, which has been recognized in creating the oldest horror character to be used today, since 1817. Almost 200 years later human life has extended thanks to advances in medical technology. Extending human life or even creating life from death was the goal of Victor Frankenstein. Following in Frankenstein’s footsteps and passion, scientists at MIT are researching ways to advance human life. Frankenstein's pursuit for prolonging human life to prevent future deaths of people all over the world who could not afford medical help and to eliminate the concept of death itself. Victor Frankenstein's goal is to extend human life; scientists are now conducting the same type of research in cloning and regenerating missing or injured body parts to help mankind live longer and healthier. Victor’s original plan for creating the creature was to make a prototype to his idea of creating life from other human parts that have already died. "I thought, that I could bestow animation upon lifeless matter, I might in process of time . . . renew life where death had apparently devoted the body to corruption" (Shelley 40). All his collected parts made up the creature that is seen throughout the book. Victor Frankenstein knows it is the scientists responsibility to help mankind. However, if he is unable to discover something that will lay a base for other scientists he believes his work would be
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