The Transformation of our Society Since the Internet: Online Dating

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Imagine a world without internet. There would be no emails, no Facebook, no eBay, amongst other things. Even a simple task as booking a flight or a hotel would have to be done over the phone. To think about it… life as we know it would just not be the same. This new day and age has brought us to a point where it’s possible to find virtually anything on the internet, even love. Yes, online dating has become the new revolutionary way of finding your soul mate (Houran, & Lange, 2004), and it is to no surprise since it’s easy, provides more options and is growing each and every day. Thus romantic relationships have benefited through use of the internet. The internet has made many things more convenient including online…show more content…
Online romantic relationships adjust to the individuals schedule avoiding the typical conflicts that occur in offline romantic relationships. For example a night shift worker who gets home at 5:00a.m. is able to go online and meet other users who are likewise online. Most people would still be asleep at this hour of the day. The internet provides individuals such as this night-shift worker to meet people at any time of the day on their own schedules, not around, making it optimally convenient. The night shift worker is only one example but there are many more individuals out there each with different needs in a romantic relationship. The internet provides these individuals in search of a romantic relationship with more options. Gays and lesbians are at a minority compared to the rest of the population putting homosexuals at a disadvantage when trying to find a romantic relationship. E-Harmony created an online dating site called compatible partners where the questions tend to be fairly similar to those of the straight online dating site (Contemporary Sexuality, 2009). This allows gays and lesbians to meet others of the same sexualities via online providing them with more options. There are many others who achieve more options through use of the internet such as those with disabilities or people that have difficulty meeting others face to face (Young, Griffin-Shelly, Cooper, O’Mara, & Buchanan, 2000). Before the

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