The Transformation of the Hero in the Film, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'

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Transformation of Hero in Raiders of Lost Ark Raiders of the Lost Ark is the 1981 film that follows renowned archeologist and professor Indiana Jones as he races against time and Nazis to uncover one of the greatest treasures believed to be in existence, the Ark of the Covenant. In this film, Indiana Jones fulfills the role of the hero and as such must fulfill certain tasks that will prove his heroic qualities. In "The Hero's Journey of Self-Transformation: Models of Higher Development from Mythology," David Hartman and Diane Zimbermoff explore the traits and characteristics that define a hero and demonstrate the transformation that his or her ego will undergo in order to become a more complete person. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Professor Indiana Jones is recruited by the United States government after they intercept Nazi radio transmissions referencing Jones' mentor, Dr. Abner Ravenwood. It is at this time that it is revealed that Dr. Ravenwood was a renowned Ark of the Covenant scholar and that he spent his entire life attempting to find this mythological treasure. Despite Jones' insistence that he agrees to find the treasure before the Nazis get to it simply because of its historic value and states that he does not believe in the supernatural. By the end of the film, Jones' initial beliefs are completely transformed as he witnesses, first-hand, the power of the Ark of the Covenant; after witnessing what the Ark does to the Nazis that wish to use it for their own evil

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