The Transformational Leadership Approach Based On Command And Control

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The style of leadership an organization’s leadership uses has a significant effect on the organization. What leaders do and how they do it matters. A transactional leadership approach based on command and control is not effective at addressing the change organizations face. The transformational leadership approach developed in The Leadership Challenge, through the strong and consistent use of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership provides organizations with a proven strategic leadership approach. The Leadership Challenge is a leadership approach based on research and evidence. Adopting the transformational leadership approach of The Leadership Challenge as a way of leading the organization will improve employee engagement and commitment, increase productivity, and ultimately improve customer service and increase the bottom line of the organization.

The Argument Against Change

The apprehension to adopt change initiatives by leaders is understandable considering the failure rate of change initiatives in organizations is upwards of seventy percent. (Blanchard, 2010) Research indicates that one of the leading causes of this high failure rate is due to constituent’s resistance. Constituents resist change for three primary reasons; negative emotions regarding the change, leadership’s lack of communicating the purpose of the change, and a lack of constituent inclusion regarding the change. (Wittig, 2012) Resistance to change is natural and when leaders…
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