The Transformational Leadership Of A Nurse Leader

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As a nurse leader, it is important to have a strong work ethic, efficiency, dependability, and ability to organize. They should also be a well-organized coordinator, knowledgeable collaborator, and skilled delegator who practice safe and effective care. If I am to be a Unit Director, I choose the transformational leadership style. I believe that the best nursing leadership style related to lessened mortality rate of the patient is the transformational leadership, which is inspiring followers to perform beyond expectations for the good of the organization. It is also argued that transformational leadership is identified as a positive contributor to safer practice with fewer turnover trends compared to other leadership styles (How Nursing…,…show more content…
Another change I would include in the policy is providing refresher courses for nursing every now and then to keep updated on the ever-changing healthcare practice. Staffing Health care delivery affects the value of care given to a patient. Hence, lack of staffing contributes to unsafe practice and can allow harm to both patient and nurse. In the adverse event case study, lack of charge nurse and extra staff to help the admitting nurse added to the problem. Mandating to appoint a charge nurse or resource nurse in each shift is something I would implement as a unit director. This will help ease the load of the overwhelmed nurse when he or she knows she has someone to call for help. Additionally, meeting state requirements on medical staffing in a unit should always be in consideration. Hiring an on-call doctor can improve the quality of patient care when you place the right clinician in the right setting. Workflow Cain and Haque (2008) wrote workflow is the set of tasks and the set of people necessary to accomplish a goal. During a slow day, a task can be accomplished easily but for a trying circumstance, stress can begin to show. End of shift check off a list is something I would implement the strategies. It would serve as a tool to identify tasks needed and would immediately evaluate nurse’s progress for the day. Knowing what you are still lacking to do can give you that edge to wrap up your shift. Bedside end of shift report, timely charting and
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