The Transformative Learning Project At A New York City Community College

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In Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, college students participate in a service learning project to earn college credits at a New York City community college. During this international service learning opportunity, students perform service work and conduct research to examine and address health and social problems in resource-poor communities. Students design and implement health education skits and workshops, conduct health assessments in local neighborhoods, and work at the local hospital. Program requirements include a daily journal, evening reflection groups, a report that communicates the results of student research and a final reflection paper which includes a plan for future action. The transformative learning aspect involves the student’s ability to learn and understand of the levels of poverty, economic disparities, and health issues within the region as well as the different factors that contribute to it. Social and cultural factors, structural issues, and baseline contextual factors all influence the situation that the region experiences. The program is designed that students experience this condition for the first time and are “transformed” in the way that they view and articulate poverty. With the region in such despair, students experience austere conditions that they’ve never experienced and they learn and are “transformed” in their views of poverty, poverty levels, and basic cultural understandings of different regions around the world. This immersion into
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