The Transforming Vision By Brian Walsh And Richard Middleton

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The Transforming Vision, written by Brian Walsh and Richard Middleton, yearn for a change in the way Christianity is viewed. According to the authors, science, technology and economic growth is what shapes our society, while Christianity stands in the sidelines. The authors aspire to see a change in Christianity where it “may receive social and cultural embodiment.” In the first chapters, Walsh and Middleton explore the reason behind why Christianity of North Americans is so disembodied compared to others. In addition, Transforming Vision explores the different types of worldviews compared to a Christian worldview, or biblical view. Furthermore, it discusses how the different type of world views affects us and if there is any worldview better than another. Chapter 1, World View and Culture, begins with Anthony’s story and how his decision had different responses. After Anthony became a Christian and grew as a person, he made the decision of leaving his girlfriend when he realized he did not love her. According to his family, loyalty is one of the greatest of moral duties, therefore, viewed Anthony’s decision as an “unpardonable sin.” However, in a Christian 's perspective his actions were honest and caring. Each side had a different point of view. World views are described in the book as perceptual frameworks and not systems of thought like theologies or philosophies. Two examples are then given to understand how certain cultures view situations, like child-rearing

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