The Transgender Population : Risk, Resilience And Clinical Care

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In Trauma in Transgender Populations: Risk, Resilience and Clinical Care Mizock and Lewis explains factors that put the transgender population at risk such as working in the sex industry or being targets of hate crimes. (Mizock & Lewis, 2011, p. 336). This article also sheds light on some strategies and types of resources that can build resilience in transgender people. Mizock and Lewis gave a thorough description of what it means to be transgender, transsexual, transman etc. as these terms can often be misused and misapplied to this population. This article highlights some common traumatic experiences shared among the transgender population and how transphobia is contributing to this problem. (Mizock & Lewis, 2011, p.336). I feel this…show more content…
To imagine the thoughts and emotions a transgender can experience in effort to obtain a regular 9-5 job, who may feel so helpless and desperate that they decide to become a sex worker is frightening to me. I also didn’t know transgender sex workers take “street hormones” in order to make themselves more “marketable” (Mizock & Lewis, 2011, p.340). Prior to reading the article, I thought the transitioning process for transgenders was more accessible such as receiving the necessary hormone medications. Another risky behavior I was unaware of is among transwomen who “cut themselves in order to draw blood once a month to mimic the menstrual cycle” (Mizock & Lewis, 2011, p.343). Although I understand the purpose of the cut, I don’t understand the purpose of the cut. It seems like transgender people are at a battle with themselves about who they want to be versus what the world dictates on how they should be. Not to go off topic but New York seems to be one of the most welcoming places for groups of different cultures and sub populations. I’m not saying hate crimes don’t happen to any marginalized groups in New York but I feel overall we’re very accepting of everyone. I’m beginning to wonder is it because I’ve lived in New York for so long that I’m blinded to what experiences marginalized

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