The Transition Between High School And College

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All children become an adult at some point in their lives. The transition between high school and college exemplifies this transition. Yet few of these students feel prepared for the challenge that is adult life. After living with their parents for 17-18 years, the move away from home and getting saddled with a plethora of responsibilities can be jolting. William Allen has many graduation requirements, but an Independent Living class is not one of them. This needs to change. High School ought to prepare students for the everyday aspect of college and life after school, not just the academic aspect of college. The graduation requirements of the Allentown School district include 4 years of English, 3 years of math and science, and 2 years of foreign language (PROGRAM OF STUDIES 2015-2016 William Allen High School Louis E. Dieruff High School, 7). It does not include any sort of class designed to help students learn important life techniques. School is designed to prepare us for college and the difficult transition between high school and college. But the way our high school curriculum is designed it only prepares us for the academic aspect of college, and without regard to people who may choose to take a gap year or not go to college. When going to college, students may worry about the dorms. They must adjust to college lifestyle and making new friends. The additional stress of being suddenly ladled with a plethora of responsibilities on top of this stress can be daunting.
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