The Transition From A Nursing

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In most departments of nursing, the transition from a nursing student to an employed or working nursing is always a challenging experience for many nursing students. Most graduates are ineffectually oriented to the nursing working environment. Generally, new nurses are not given an environment that is supportive for them to practice what they learnt during their training as nurses, regularly, the expectations they encounter are unrealistic. As a result of this, mentorship strategies have been introduced by managers to ensure an easier transition into the working environment, this helps the new nurses to adjust quickly and be able to share their challenges with their mentors, who help them on how to face and conquer the challenges. During the orientation, the mentors help the new nurses to shift from the behaviors they had as nursing students to the new cultures of the working environment of nurses; this incorporates socialization into the orientation process, where the new nurses are able to absorb, adjust, and adopt the culture, the language, and rules in the environment of work. After a successful orientation, those who are able to adjust and cope with the work under the rules provided are able to be taken in as part of the staff members. The managers ensure that all the graduates are given the best orientation in order to be able to pick the best to be part of the nursing staff in the department. The staffing of nurses by the majors is mainly done based on the number of
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