The Transition From High School Into College Essay

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The transition from high school into college is undoubtedly a very important time in the lives of many young people. It is a huge step, and a huge change. There are some who cling to their fading high-school life, reluctant to let go and move on. Many of my friends would fall under this category. Some of them seem more prepared for the increasingly near future than others, and they will have varying degrees of success in beginning their college experience, be it near home or hours away. But Natalie is different than they are. Rather than getting caught up in the sentimentality of it all, she is embracing the looming future with open arms.
Natalie Rogers is ready to move on. She is an 18-year-old senior at Coleman High School, and she feels absolutely prepared to move into the next stage of her life. This puts her in the national minority. According to a country-wide survey, 45% of high school seniors feel prepared for college and a career. She’s not alone, however, in looking forward to the freedom and independence generally associated with college life. “I’m really excited that I get to be on my own, make a lot of my own decisions, and kind of learn how to be independent. Because I haven’t gotten a lot of that”. One thing that has become apparent to me is the value that Natalie places on independence.
However, in certain situations, she does consider herself to be dependent on others, sometimes very much so. I asked her if she considered herself to be an independent
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