The Transition From Medical School

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For most medical students, the transition from medical school to residency and actually deciding on a specialty is quite intimidating. There are many unknowns, a few botched plans, and for someone like me who grew up in a family of immigrants, a lot of high expectations. The journey that led to my decision to pursue a career in Internal medicine was by no means conventional, but rather the culmination of a lifetime of personal experiences and even some life-changing events. This decision has since been cemented by my experiences during my basic sciences and internal medicine rotation. Combined, these experiences have instilled an excitement in me to serve my community as an Internist. I have always had an inquisitive type of personality with a desire to understand how and why things work as they do. I love using deductive reasoning to solve problems and get a strange satisfaction when I come up with the right answer. During my Internal medicine rotation I was exposed to many complex cases and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of being faced with a set of symptoms and the task of having to formulate a list of differential diagnosis. I was exposed to many cases involving every organ system. I saw patients with respiratory disorders and got a thrill out of analyzing their blood gases to see if they suffered from an acute or chronic process. I saw patients with hepatic encephalopathy that went from being confused and delirious back to being alert and oriented after hydration…
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