The Transition From The Industrial Revolution

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A century ago, people would have to use typewriters, large machines and carriages to travel, communicate or sell their products. Now, people can quickly snap out their smartphones with ease and exchange information virtually for their individual needs. The transition from the industrial revolution which lasted from 1760 to 1840, to the information age (late 1950s to current time) has transformed US society because internet technology makes people emotionally isolated in real time. Throughout these two ages of immense change, people’s universe of obligation has altered because society has shifted from the focus of specialized communities to a more global environment . These changes in how society communicates has led people to perseverate…show more content…
There wasn 't much ability to converse online since there wasn’t access to fast-working phones or rapid, accelerated computers that sent emails in seconds. In February 15, 1946, John Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert invented the first computer. Later, the development of the personal computers like the Commodore PET and Apple II(both in 1977) gave individuals an easier time going to the internet. The internet has captivated people because it easily gives men and women the ability to share . However, the capacity of the internet that allows us to do virtually anything we want has isolated people since we are too focused on how people perceive us on social media. For instance, Essena O’Neill, a model who quit social media said in a youtube video,

‘I’m doing this because it’s a wake up call. I taught myself that when I had heaps of views people would view ME. I will feel valued.I will feel happiness. I don’t even know what is real.I have let myself be defined by something that is so not real. Turn off your phone. Go somewhere. Do something you love and then talk to the people that are also doing that as well.’

However, she realized that her appearance on screen was not the real her. She put makeup on the part of her face that had acne, so, people would view her as beautiful and alluring. However, she now feels that she is
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