The Transition Of Our Society Essay

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The smooth transition of our society, from nomadic groups to vilages and states, resulted in the development of religons, as a result of reformed social and political environments. Where it started of as other wordly beliefs adopted by the small nomadic group and slowly developed into full blown religions over time.
The earliest evidence of religon found in the world was in the Neolithic Period . The figurines found from that period, along with the religious texts, reflect a society of religious people.In buddhism religon, there are twenty five buddhas, each of whom is known as Dipankankara, with the last one known as Guatama . There is also Maitreya who is the buddha for future. In Mahayana Buddhism, there is a Buddha known as Manushi-Buddha who is referred to as a human buddha and five to six types of Dhyani-Buddha known as mediation buddhas.Islam on the otherhand is a monotheistic religon, where there is only God. He is referred to as Allah. the founder of islam, Prophet Hazrat Mummad P.B.U.H. who is the last prophet.
Borobudur was constructed in 800 AD , at that time central Java was under the rule of Cailendra dynasty who belonged to Mahayana Buddhism. It is not only a place to worship the people of Celindra dynasty , it also had a religious purpose to it. It belonged to the Mahayana sect of Buddhism and encompassed the Ten Buddihisattvas through which a person seeking buddha-hood had to pass through to achieve nirvana. These ten Buddisattvas were also called Lokottara
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