The Transition Of The Mexican California Essay

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Countries were becoming independent all throughout Latin America during the 1800s. The people of the United States expected great things of these freshly independent countries. Of these countries was Mexico, which achieved independence in 1821. Americans were excited when Mexico gained its Independence. They assumed great things were to become of the country. Mexico had an abundance of resources and even more land. Expectations became a harsh reality for Mexican California. The transition from colony to republic proved to be a difficult one. Although the era of independence can be described in so many words, it is important to acknowledge the unstable, vulnerable, exploitative aspects of Mexican California.
Drifting from Spain caused detrimental consequences for Mexico. The republic lost more than half of its territory, suffered from economic instability, and endured class conflict. Mexican California, like other areas of Colonial Mexico, was a society in dramatic transition. Prior to establishing its independence, Mexican territory had a stable government and balanced economy under Spanish rule. There was sufficient confidence in the Spanish administration. The contrasts between independent Mexico and New Spain are drastic. Mexican California spiraled into a nation of chaos as its dependence on Spain weakened. The switch from Spanish to Mexican power resulted in new laws and administrations. Though California remained part of Mexico, they were granted a considerable amount
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