The Transition Of The Spring Leaf

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There is something beautiful about transition; the graceful, yet challenging move from the familiar into the unknown. The metamorphosis of the plain into the extraordinary. My favorite transition is that of summer to fall. Watching the deciduous trees as their robust green leaves mature to visual perfection, altering to a fluorescent red, yellow and orange. Once these leaves reach the epitome of their season, they take a leap onto new ground and unknown territory. They drift from the branches that have so lovingly held them through growth and maturation. The leaf’s departure from the tree is both elegant and erratic; swaying, swiveling and shaking. Appearing fearful of their landing, but confident in their direction. As they take this inevitably brave step, they fall into a heap of others who are also pursuing the beautiful process called transition. As I take this defining step of my life to transfer from community college to a four year university, I embody the transitional process of the autumn leaf.
I have grown within the past two years, and with growth comes the inevitable necessity of change. Community college has calibrated my thinking and has provoked my curiosity for new discovery. It has allowed me to define my strengths and weaknesses, providing a solid foundation of higher education that I so passionately seek. But I recognize community college is simply as a stepping stool to an array of possibilities. I look to a four year university that will provide for…

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