The Transition Through Middle School And High School

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The future holds an uncertain thing in life and with it come many responsibilities. I realized how things change so often happens as quickly and as unexpectedly as it does. The transition through middle school and high school has changed me thoroughly. I’ve learned that high school has made me smarter for who to trust and judge people more than I usually do. High school gave me more options, viewpoints, and ideas. I mature in almost every way, and learn more about myself for what I’m good at. There will be hard times but eventually get through them.
It started when I was a freshman in high school. It was a 10-minute walk from my house. I got out of bed, got ready, and then was on my way to school. The moment of the ringing sound of the
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Overall, my worst gpa was 2.5. My parents even lost hopes for me. I was always compared to with others on how I should learn better from them. Getting lectured by my parents was the one thing I hated about. They would always say, “Do well in school or else you can’t graduate. Be like your sister, who studies hard.” That’s when I started talking back at them; I said, “Don’t tell me what to do. I will graduate, watch me.” I’ve also encountered number of situations where I was forced by my parents to undertake courses that I was never interested in.
My weaknesses are standardized testing. I do not perform well on tests. I can be smart and understand the content, but it doesn 't show on the test. Even though I study, I am worried about how I did on a test, especially when it 's really important. Although my SAT and ACT are low, I am prepared for college. After retaking my ACT and SAT twice, I finally got the score I expected.
Toward to the end, I finally got a hold of myself. What was important that changed me was hanging out with the right type of people. Good friends can challenge me to be a better person and because of this they gave me confidence to try new things. Spending time with good people will cause me to pay attention to school and make good decisions.
My senior year, education helped me centered on my goals. It has helped me to shape my educational and career goals. Through out my high school years, art and design has been the central interest
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