The Transition Times. Graduation Is One Example Of A Time

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The Transition Times Graduation is one example of a time of celebration and honor. It is the reward you receive for multiple years of difficult work and perseverance. It is also an extremely bittersweet occasion because often times you are required to make difficult decisions. Decisions that could take you away from everyone and everything you have ever known. This is known as a time of transition. Honestly, it seems a bit anticlimactic that after all the emotions and preparation you do beforehand is all summarized within a few short hours. This is how the majority of my fellow upcoming graduates are feeling right now, but I do not. I believe that in order to better understand these monumental occasions of transition, you must first…show more content…
During high school you form both positive and negative relationships with people and learn a various assortment of life lessons. If I challenged myself to choose my top three picks on what life lessons I have learned I would say freedom, responsibility, and tolerance. I say that I have learned the lesson of freedom simply owing to the fact that this was my first taste of freedom. When you receive your driver 's license and car or you are able to date for the first time you feel the absolutely exhilarating unbridled feeling of freedom. This feeling blossoms and flourishes for only a moment, because then it has company. Freedom is joined by the always rational and logical emotion responsibility. Responsibility is like the notification that forces you to go home in time for your curfew or the friend you forces you to stop at the stop sign or to not drink and drive. When freedom and responsibility work together, you are safe and you also have a great time growing up. When the two emotions combine together your chances of living to adulthood increase dramatically. The last life lesson I chose is most definitely not the least important. I have become more tolerant of not only people and their decisions but also with circumstances. This was not only the most difficult lesson I have had to learn, but it is the lesson that I am most thankful for due to the fact that I know that I will use it more and more frequently as I enter into the “real world”.
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