The Transition between Middle School and High School

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I apparently, wasn’t good enough for that transition, and I didn’t get in. I also didn’t even apply for the spot, so this not getting in thing made no sense to me on the first day. However, later on, I discovered that it mattered a lot more than I had first thought. Mostly because it basically sealed my fate for the rest of my life. Suffice to say, I am the single unluckiest person in this whole school. Unrivaled by anyone, I win the nonexistent title by a landslide every single year. And I absolutely hate it. But don’t be mistaken, it’s not that I don’t enjoy being alone, I absolutely do, it’s just that they constantly tease me for it like I actually care. And everyone should know by now that I don’t care. Aside from school, I really have no reason to unhappy. But that’s just it, I am always unhappy. And maybe that’s why the kids at school pick on me so much. Either way, life has dealt me a pretty pathetic deck of cards. And today is no different from any other day, it’s exactly the same. I wake up with a frown on my face, completely and perpetually uninterested in every little thing that I have to do that morning. I weave around my family, all bustling and happy, half-asleep and all smiles. And then I drive to school. A school surrounded by trees and fog. It was as gloomy as my mind was. And so I get out of my car. And then I go to class. And then the…
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