The Transition from Civilian to Front Line Combat Soldier: A Thematic Analysis

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Introduction In the past there was a linear path that kept people in the same career throughout their life, in today’s society with job roles more varied, diversity in career transition has occurred (Brown, 2000). Previous research by Dolliver (1999, cited in Brown, 2000) has shown that self efficacy is a factor for a change in career. Fischer et al (1993) noted that the alteration of an individual’s environment alters their normality, along with Viney’s (1980) findings that for psychological growth a transitional period is required. However, joining the military is not just a career change; it is an entirely different way of life and affects the individual’s social and cultural solidarity. Being in the Military is an occupational culture…show more content…
At the end of the interview the participant was handed a debrief sheet (Appendix 3) and asked if there were any issues or questions. Interviews The interview technique chosen was a semi structured individual interview design in an attempt to compare individual thoughts and emotions. Interviews lasted between fifteen and thirty minutes and were recorded by the interviewer via hand written notes. Certain background questions were used at the beginning of the interview to allow the participant to feel relaxed, questioned choice was ensured to be non-directional with prompting only used in aid of the participant (Smith & Osborn, 2003). (A copy of the question sheet can be seen in Appendix 4). Materials The materials used for this investigation were the participant information sheet, consent form, debrief sheet and a pen and paper to allow the researcher to note the interview. Analysis The researcher transcribed the data verbatim, and then searched the transcript over and again noting ideas in the left hand margin, whilst noting any emerging themes in the right hand margin. Results After the analysis of the transcripts by the researcher a thematic table was constructed to show the themes discovered (a table of themes can be seen below in table 2) and examples of each theme to add validity to this research. Also, it allows the reader to interpret the relationship between the theme and the

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