The Transition from LPN to RN

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For the majority of nurses working within the field of modern medicine, one of the most difficult tasks associated with the job must be maintaining the tenuous balance between the pull of professional ambition and honoring the responsibility owed to their current role. Nursing remains one of the most stratified occupations in terms of recognized qualification, and a wide disparity exists between the positions of Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Registered Nurse (RN) in terms of both experience and education. While standards vary from state to state, individual LPNs may be required to complete many of the same duties as their RN counterparts, including the administration of intravenous fluids, the withdrawal of blood for testing, and other crucial aspects of inpatient care. Despite the similar set of skills possessed by LPNs and RNs, the latter position commands a greater level of prestige and a significantly higher salary within the nursing field, and because of this many qualified LPN's aspire to attain the rank of RN in order to better their personal and professional lives. As a working LPN beginning the transition to future RN career, I have encountered many difficulties and obstacles which I feel will only strengthen my resolve and crystallize my ambitions. During the extensive reading required to gain the knowledge needed to work as an RN, a statement made by the authors of LPN to RN Transitions: Achieving Success In Your New Role resonated deeply with me, and I
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