The Transnational Security Threats from Failed States

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Failed and weak states are posing greater security threats to the world than it were ever imagined. The collapse of autonomy and sovereignty among states is therefore a susceptible situation in the modern world. Developed states like the United States and other notable security sensitive nations are focusing their security efforts towards the failed states. This is mainly because these weak states have become breeding sites for criminal activities, and terrorist groups have established strong bases in such countries. The challenges posed by these failed states on security issues are far-reaching, and reliable measures have to be taken in order to safeguard the safety of the global population. Many forms of transnational security threats…show more content…
The transitional crime groups which perpetrate international security threats have diverse networks, whose operational offices are mainly located in failed states( Shahar, 2007). Thus, corruption and unmonitored state operations can lead to encourage transnational insecurity, thus challenging the traditional security concerns.
Peace and stability has been affected by resource wars in the world. Failed states which are well endowed with natural resources lack the proper resource management strategies, a factor that leads to insecurity ( Mittelman, 2010). Many criminal groups have used the advantage of weak economic and political policies in failed resources to exploit natural resources. The proceeds from this illegal trading are used to stage wars and arm rebel groups. In return, when the rebel groups are economically empowered by the failed states, they perpetrate crimes which have global significance. For example, the resource wars in Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan have led to genocides. In addition, the diamonds in Sierra Leone and Angola have led to transnational bloodshed in the West African region as well as the Janjaweed group in Darfur used illegal oil proceeds to perpetrate civil wars that have claimed millions of life( Mittelman, 2010). Therefore, the lack of proper management of natural resources in failed states has compromised the traditional security concerns in the world.

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