The Transportation Department Of Creative Toys Company

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A recent rearrangement in the transportation department of Creative Toys Company has resulted in lower productivity. The plant manager, who in charge of this department intended to increase production, by changing its physical layout from a circular working environment into individual areas. However, this action did not work out well but an obvious decline in the transportation department’s productivity. When look at this problematic organization from a social system’s perspective; the reason of its low performance comes down to dysfunctional in both managerial and communicational aspects. These negative organizational behaviors aggravate the tension between employee and employer. A pointed situation here is the rearrangement. As…show more content…
Apparently, the plant manager failed to plan a good transformation. Referring to change itself, it should be a decision under discretion rather than depend on a person who is out of the situation. A change in one part of a system affects all other parts, even though its impact may be slight; especially a significant one may throw an organization out of balance, seriously reducing its forward progress, illustrating what happened in the transportation department. Thus, for managers, assessing the overall functionality of a particular managerial action is a complex process. It is critical to appraise both actual and proposed changes in this social system to determine its possible functional or dysfunctional effects, to ensure appropriate responses that can be anticipated and made. The special form of this organization is another force not to be ignored. Based on the type of organization, the transportation department of Creative Toys Company runs as an informal organization. With features distinguish itself from formal organization; the informal relationships play a fundamental role in achieving strategic and operative goals. It does not have the clear structural boundaries that the formal has; it is more of collaboration at work. Its fluid, flexible operation is the aggregate of organizational elements that primarily influence behavior through emotional means. Unlike the formal elements, the informal elements of an organization are a shared

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