The Transportation Of Cargo Transport

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Executive summary
Thousands of airports all over the world handle cargo attracting both big and small companies into the industry. The transportation of cargo is an indicator of how the international trade is performing and shows the position of the global economy. With the economies of countries growing wider every day the demand for consumer goods increases. The supply chain exists so that manufacturers can be connected to the suppliers and the middlemen to the shippers till it reaches the end user. Airports play an important part in the cargo transport hence there is the need to understand the relationship that exists between the two industries. This paper will be addressing the important role of airports in the transportation of cargo. It will highlight the marketing strategies that are used by airports to attract cargo lines. It will also reveal the characteristics of the major airports.
Air freight is an important contributor to UK’s economy making the country notable in the international trade arena. Air transport helps in improving the competitiveness of companies’ operations such as logistics and the management of inventory. According to Oxford Economic Forecasting report (2013) shows that twenty five percent of the companies in UK consider airport services to be very important to them in ensuring smooth running of their cargo. In UK the freight industry accounts for 55% of all the cargo transported especially the perishable goods which can only be
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