The Treadmill Of Production And Consumption

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The treadmill of production and consumption in today’s society theorizes that happiness is achieved through the acquiring of money and material possessions. Money is today perhaps the most important resource necessary for one to attain these material goods. Because money is so important, most people would prefer to have more of it than less of it. The world considers the highest paying jobs, or good paying jobs, to be the most common way of acquiring money, and thus, more material possessions. Along with this, people have a tendency to invest their own resources with expectation of maximizing their return on that initial investment, or maximizing profits. Time and money are the most powerful resources we have for investment. People invest their time at jobs in order to earn an hourly wage, or bi-weekly salary. The same way stock brokers invest money into a company in order to earn a maximum return. The generation of today are taught that the best investment of their time and money is going to college and earning potential. A higher education which leads to a college degree is renowned as the only guaranteed way to ensure a higher paying job, and thus, maximizing your return on investing time and money. Moreover, consumption has increased globally due to the growing industries and population. The treadmill of consumption, along with market economic factors such as inflation, has lead to higher consumer demands and further production of consumer goods, as the market
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