The Treatment Arrangement For Jackson

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Jackson suffers from attachment disorder and the possibility of being undiagnosed with autism disorder. Attachment disorder is a disorder that includes: mood, behavior, and social relationships problems. Children that have this type of disorder, attachment disorder, fail to form normal attachments to primary care givers. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impleads a child’s social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and restricted and repetitive behavior. Both of these disorders have charter traits of behavior problems and the student tends to lack emotional bonds. Jackson - Student Description The result to be used is screaming, throwing toys, throwing chairs and yelling. Baseline Data Results The team would like Jackson to respond in a positive manner after the intervention plan is put into place. Hypothesis Statement The treatment arrangement for Jackson must be enhanced after development of strategy. Having a treatment arrangement will make sure that in the case of implementation of these behaviors. There will be changes to psychological problems and it will exist as a result. Description of the Behavior Target Behavior: The behavior which is targeted by the intervention plan is emotional attachment disorder. Intervention Goal: The goal of the intervention plan is to make sure that Jackson acquires the necessary behaviors that have emotional attachment; therefore, he will perform the activities as per the guideline of people
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