The Treatment For A Concussion

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The treatment for a concussion used to be as simple as taking time to rest, or smelling bath salts before returning to play. In today’s world, concussions are more appropriately recognized as a serious head injury. In order to correctly diagnose and treat concussions, professional action needs to occur. Preventative measures, proper assessments and diagnosis, correct treatments, and increasing awareness are a few ways to reduce an issue down to a more manageable position. Concussions are a common threat in many aspects of life today. From contact sports to accidental falls, head injuries are an increasing issue that needs to be recognized as such. Two to four million concussion injuries occur from sports and recreation settings in the United States every year (The American Academy of Neurology). Most of these injuries result in a full recovery, but there are people who are left with dehabilitating injuries for the remainder of their lives. Thankfully it is becoming well known that these problems exist, and many people are starting to take action.

Concussion is defined as a biomechanically induced brain injury, and classified as a mild traumatic brain injury that interrupts normal brain function. Every person is different, and every person will respond in their own way to a concussion. No anatomical lesions are present to cause the associating symptoms such as; possible loss of consciousness, dazed appearance, dizziness, headache, nausea, confusion, and tinnitus. These
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