The Treatment Of A Malignant Tumor

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In this case study we have an eight year old boy who has a malignant tumor. The young man was treated at a city hospital, but the treatment failed him. The physician recommended that he under goes a surgical procedure, but his family is very religious and they believe in the power of prayer, they are also fearful of the procedure going wrong. The family then refuses the surgery. The surgeon stresses that the surgery is the best option for the little boy if they want him to live, so the hospital is thinking about going over the family’s head and getting a court order approved so they may do surgery and save the boy’s life.
First, let us take a look at religion all together. According to the Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare Critical Thinking Perspectives, religion, as stated in chapter 3, “Empowerment and Human Diversity.” Says that, “Religion involves people’s spiritual beliefs concerning the origin, character, and reason for being, usually based on the existence of some higher power or powers that often involves designated rituals and provides direction for what is considered moral or right” (Ashmen 91). Clearly in this case study religion is one of the major conflict. We do not know much about the boy’s religious background, but we can assume that surgery is something that may be against his family’s belief. So the bigger questions are should

Coleman 2 the hospital intervene and go over the family’s head, or should they just let the family pray for a…
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