The Treatment Of Alzheimer 's Disease Essay

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In 1970, Evelyn Stone was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, her husband, Jerome Stone, already knew that something was wrong years before the actual diagnosis. Jerome H. Stone originally grew up to be a businessman, “helping to build the multi-billion dollar Stone Container Corporation,” (Santos) which was his family’s business. As a member of the executive committee of the business, Stone “had the ability to pull people together to coalesce things,” (Megan) and did exactly that in 1979 when he brought together families concerned about Alzheimer’s. “Astonished at how little was known about Alzheimer’s,” (Megan) Jerome Stone created the non-profit organization known as the Alzheimer’s Association just one year after meeting with the families, on April 10, 1980. 36 years later, the non-profit continues to thrive, arguably as the top organization in advancing the care for Alzheimer’s, as it has been able to raise large sums of money through donors and accomplish goals through United States federal legislation. According to its website, the Alzheimer’s Association’s specific goal encompasses around three specific points: advance scientific research for the disease; enhance care for diagnosed patients; advocate for brain health education to reduce the risk of dementia in the future. Therefore, the specific actions taken to reach the goal differ based on which of the three points are being focused on.
Advancing research is accomplished through both promoting a
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