The Treatment Of Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer Surgeries that Involve Removal of the Entire Breast A modified radical mastectomy – during this procedure, the surgical oncologist removes the entire cancerous breast, the lining that rests above the chest muscles as well as most of the patient’s lymph nodes that are located under her arm. In addition, patients may also need to have a portion of their chest wall muscle removed. A total mastectomy (simple mastectomy) – during this procedure, the oncologist removes the entire breast. During the same surgery (or after), the oncologist may remove some of the lymph nodes that are located under the patient’s arm. These lymph nodes are collected so that they can be biopsied. A separate incision is required to obtain these samples. Other Types of Mastectomies A Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy The surgical oncologist’s job is to remove all of the cancerous breast tissue; subsequently, Dr. Gershenbaum’s task is to reconstruct the patient’s breasts so they appear as natural-looking as possible. By having an experienced surgical oncologist and reconstructive surgeon, the chances of a successful outcome, without compromise is greatly improved. While Dr. G can reconstruct the patient a new nipple and areola, the preservation of this area during a mastectomy (when it is feasible) is beneficial to the patient’s final aesthetic results. Once complete, some nipple-sparing reconstructions resemble the results achieved through a cosmetic breast augmentation. The surgical

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