The Treatment Of Heart Transplant Essay

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Background Heart transplant have grown to be a therapeutic strategies for patients with heart failure, and respectively offers improved quality life and survival. Many various techniques have been used to ensure safety and survival of pediatric patients, however in the case of rejection, death rate have enormously been reviewed. This process whereby recipient’s immune system attacks the transplanted organ is quite harmful as substances like antigens coats organ surface, therefore, immune system respond by attacking the transplanted organ as it detects it to be foreign (virus or bacteria).37 Although diagnosis have been procured, endomyocardial biopsy seems to be a standard method to monitor rejection, and due to long-term outcomes after heart transplant, many other models have been considered by most researchers to improve rejection after heart transplant in pediatric patients. These are immunosuppressive, surgical techniques, transplant selection, and postoperative care.39 Hence, with respect to plausible rejections in pediatric patients after heart transplant, outcomes, limitation, diagnosis, future perspectives, treatments, and other variations will rational clinical and literature studies to better improve and minimize the rate of mortality and morbidity in rejection. Types of Rejection Acute cellular rejection is the most common rejection which appears at any time and generally develops within the first 3-6months after transplantation. Analysis from studies shows that

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