The Treatment Of Kidney Diseases Essay

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Kidney diseases are one of the major concerns in the USA and with this, thousands of Americans currently on the national waiting list for a deceased donor. Patients can wait for years to find a compatible donor, and for the more sensitized patients the waiting is long. For sensitized patient the transplantation is a nightmare, because even if they find a living donor candidate willing to give away a kidney, the recipient may not be able to receive the transplant due to the incompatibility of their donors. The shortage of kidney and many other organs for transplantation is the key factor that prolongs the waiting time, which is up to 5 years, and some patients may never receive the an organ. The shortage of deceased donors increased the demand of live- donors, which can be from a family member if lucky. However, not everybody has that opportunity to get it from a sibling and the demand from non- relative donors have increased even if they are a positive cross match or HLA incompatible (1). In Kidney transplant the best possible donor is one whose HLA is very closely matched to the recipient that would make it more likely for the transplant to work and not being rejected. The closer the family member the better options it would have the recipient to have a more compatibility with the donor and this is because HLA markers are passed on from parents to their kids with a 50% chance to match and 25% chance of matching for brothers and sisters. Reducing the mismatch HLA antigens…
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