The Treatment Of Mentally Ill Prisoners

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Out of the 2 millions individuals in American prisons, mental disorder affects more than 200,000 prisoners, yet it is an issue that has been ignored by the federal government and the public. Little attention has been brought to the topic of prisons and its prisoner, until the past few years, with the release of the shows “Making of a Murderer” and “Orange Is the New Black”, which both focus on life behind bars. The media has started to cover many of the injustices that occur behind the prison walls. However, while the American public has become more aware of the cruelty prisoners, especially those with mental illness face there is still little being done. The treatment of mentally ill prisoners is inhumane and better programs should be put in place in prisons in order to improve their medical and mental treatment and protect them from further abuse. The treatment of mentally disabled inmates in prisons is inhumane and deplorable as these prisoners have no control over themselves, but are shunned and severely punished because of their disorders. They often face mistreatment because facilities are ill trained to deal with the detainees episodes and behavior (Horowitz 1). Likewise, because of their disability and criminal record, these inmates are often treated as second rate human beings and are neglected by the staff and the facilities. There have been several reports of abuse of mentally disabled inmates by security personnel. In California, an inmate who suffered from
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