The Treatment Of Native Americans

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No, the United States Government has not repaid them for the damage they caused, and continues to cause, insulting the Native American people with poor excuses. This paper will discuss the fairness of the treatment of Native Americans in America by the US government over the years, and consider the effects of this treatment and abuse even today. It will look into the lives of those living on the Reservations, the Native Americans who have moved into an urban society. It will be explained by researching how they are being treated even in modern times. The cruel treatment of Native Americans is nothing new to our history textbooks, as the conflicts go all the way back to the day our ancestors stepped off the boat to what we now call the United States of America. Of course, back then a name like that was never heard of, and the place we now call home was once fully inhabited by hundreds, if not thousands, of tribes of Native Americans. It is certainly hard to think of us all as immigrants and intruders from foreign lands, and that this land did not always belong to us. Even with the recent positive changes in the way Native Americans are shown in the media and in historical texts, the general population still has a very limited knowledge of the diverse and complex Native American cultures. Even in this day and age, many people’s perceptions of Native Americans are taken from old style western movies that depict "Indians" to be the opposite of civilized. In this
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