The Treatment Of Opiate Addiction

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Today I visited a treatment facility in Dayton OH. On James H Mcgee Blvd. This is a methadone based facility that has more than 800 clients currently receiving a daily regime of methadone; this is an agonist substance used in the treatment of opiate addiction. My interview today is with Lakisha Russell, a Licensed Social Worker: she also carries a MHT degree and a LCDC III. Furthermore acquiring a portion of this education at Sinclair. Lakisha is currently employed by Project Cure, as a chemical dependency counselor. The hierarchy at PC. Starts with the CEO Virgil, Deputy Director Denice, Outpatient Supervisor Dr Erving, Lead Counselor Supervisor Rena, CDC Lakisha, with several other CDC counselors, and also a medical staff. Lakisha explains: that a typical work day starts at 8am usually with some kind of impromptu staff meeting; which generally sets her back for her first appointment. She has approximately 6 individual counseling sessions, and 3 select level group’s, that she says makes for a pretty full day. Lakisha does large amounts of paper work in the form of charting for clients, and has a rigorous schedule that is a lot of times; disrupted by clients not showing up on time, or at the wrong time. She tries to keep structure but with the element of clients, this sometimes becomes very difficult. Lakisha tells me that working conditions inside the clinic are not very bad. She goes on to say that she hasn’t had a client get out of control yet, and hopes that doesn’t…
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