The Treatment Of Opioid Addiction

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You likely purchased this book because you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction. I suspect you are searching for help but don’t know where to find guidance based on reliable scientific principles. The information in this book will provide that guidance. There are many options for the treatment of opioid addiction. Those proven safe and effective are remarkably helpful. Others do not come with proof of effectiveness or safety and may do far more harm than good. Snake oil remedies have no place in the treatment of opioid addiction, an illness that can literally claim a life in a heartbeat and does so more than 50 times every day. The treatment options I describe are based on sound scientific principles. We call this evidence-based medicine, in that carefully controlled studies or years of use have proven the treatments effective and safe under the care of a licensed healthcare provider. I believe The Pain of Painkillers and The Hell of Heroin can be helpful in your time of need. This book is a distillation of what I have learned as a physician treating addiction for more than thirty years. Take advantage of what I have to offer. Read each chapter in the order presented. Appendix H: “Reader Resources” provides an extensive list of additional readings. I often refer to many of these resources because our knowledge of addiction is constantly changing. I learn something new each time I meet with a patient or read a scientific article on addiction. Whether you
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