The Treatment Of Terminally Ill

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Doctors are known for being heroes. When your body stops doing what it is supposed to do, a doctor finds a way to make it work once more. from broken bones to respiratory problems, doctors save lives. Although doctors are able to change the outcome of a terrible situation, there are some things fate will not allow anyone to change. For example cancer has no cure. there are some cases where tumors may be removed or treated with chemotherapy, and in some instances, these treatments are effective. however for others these are no more than life prolonging acts at the expense of people 's quality of life. For cancer patients who receive the diagnosis of being terminally ill they have no choice other than to go through rigorous chemo and watch…show more content…
S. Constitution. In regards to the Constitution, the eighth amendment is particularly significant when considering whether or not Physician Assisted Suicide should be legalized. To disallow patients the right to choose their fate, even in the most desperate stage of their life, is undeniably a form of cruel and unusual punishment which the constitution explicitly grants us the freedom from. Current policy allows patients to request that if extraordinary measures are necessary to keep them alive, then they are not to be resuscitated. Current policy also allows patients to refuse care altogether and to die naturally. Finally, current policy allows patients to participate in treatments that will lengthen their lifespan but will be physically damaging to their health as the price. Each of these options hasten the process of death in some way or dictate the way in which the patient requests to die. As of now it is ethically acceptable to request that doctors sit at your bedside and allow you to die when they have the means to save you but it is seen as inappropriate to want to die when your life is nearing the end of the road in a manner that causes pain and suffering. In other states, such as Washington, Physician Assisted Suicide has been legalized by the Death with Dignity Act
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