The Treatment of Men and Women in Tess of the D'Urbervilles Essay

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The Treatment of Men and Women in Tess of the D'Urbervilles Tess now feels he can understand her problem. When she tells him he refuses to accept it, he has placed Tess on a pedestal and is mortified when she falls from it. She begs his forgiveness but he has become very cold towards her and doesn't seem to hear her pleas. Hardy really shows the double standards of the day by making both crimes so similar. We can see how differently men and women were treated. Today both genders are treated the same and Tess is seen as a victim, Angel gave consent and so is now seen as the one in the wrong. Angel is very cold and refers to Tess as a different person not the woman he loved. 'You were one person, now you are another'. Angel is…show more content…
She will be shamed. She gets a job digging up frozen potatoes. It is very physically demanding and an awful job to have to take. Despite this even when Alec offers her a life of luxury she refuses, her pride and love of Angel stop her from accepting his attempt at clearing his conscience. He asks her many times and she continually says no. In my opinion Tess would have starved before going to Alec for help but just like before the needs of her family push her into a situation she doesn't want to be in. In a final attempt to rectify the situation Tess writes to Angel, when she hears nothing she assumes he has abandoned her and goes to Alec. We sympathise with Tess because she is forced to be with a man she despises while the man she loves is nowhere to be found. When Angel returns, Tess is filled with a conflict of emotions. She is upset because he is too late she is with Alec and cannot leave with Angel. She is happy because she loves him and angry he never wrote to her. Tess then realises she loves Angel and wants to be with him. I was surprised how small Hardy made Alecs death compared to the emotional pain Tess had suffered because of him. Nowadays Tess would not have been driven to the extreme of murder. We are free to be with whom we choose now and so Tess could leave Alec to be with Angel. Tess must have been pushed too far to commit such an
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