The Treatment of Women during the Renaissance Period

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As many may think, women weren’t as important during the renaissance period. Some seem to believe that women had it easier than they do today. Some even believe that they had much more power and independence. If only that were true. Women who showed too much independence, sexual or otherwise, were punished and sometimes even killed (Wiesner 59). Women were made to be seen as saints and remained loyal to one man. During the renaissance period, women went through many hardships and many things were expected of her by her family, as well as her husband. You might ask, what was marriage, education, and employment like for women during the renaissance period? For women in the renaissance period, their duty was to marry, have children, and take care of their household. Although, for couples that were lower class, the marriage was delayed since they couldn’t afford it. Women married young to ensure their heirs around the age of 16 to 20. For women, marriage was the clearest mark for social hood. In many marriages, it involved the women, her parents, kin, and community (Wiesner 72.) According to Joan Kelly, a woman would have a gift, such as money or farm animals, that went to her future husband. On a woman’s wedding day, her father would parade her through her new home. If a woman were an orphan, she could choose her own husband. According to Merry Wiesner, there wasn’t much concern for romantic love. Instead, it was more about economic security, social prestige, and the hope
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